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Going Tech Free

Page history last edited by Gian Pagnucci 9 years, 5 months ago

This past week I asked you to try going Tech Free for a day. I tried to do it myself, and it was not easy. I had already failed before I'd finished having breakfast, since I had checked my clock, turned on the lights, checked a second clock that tells me the outside temperature, gotten food out of my refrigerator, and then started to record my daily food intake on my iPhone using the app LoseIt (at least it is a super cool app!). Then, after breakfast, my sons wanted to check their fantasy football teams on Yahoo!, and so I about had to throw in the towel, virtually, at that point. Hopefully some of you had better luck.


Below, please as a group record some of your thoughts about the challenges and benefits of trying to go Tech Free:


Fall 2013 Group 1

Fall 2013 Group 2

Fall 2013 Group 3

Fall 2013 Group 4

Fall 2013 Group 5

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